WEFIRE®Fire suppression systems designed to protect your critical assetsFire Suppression

WEFIRE® is India's leading provider of CNC fire protection and CNC fire suppression systems

Why choose WEFIRE®


Protect your life

Automatic Fire suppression systems play a vital role in protecting human lives. In the event of a fire, these systems can quickly detect and suppress the fire, creating a safer environment for occupants to escape or find shelter.

Protect your business

Fires can cause extensive damage to equipment, inventory, and overall business infrastructure. Automatic Fire suppression systems help limit the destruction by containing or extinguishing fires before they escalate.

Rapid response

The best time to suppress a fire is always during it’s early stages. Our systems, are activated by heat, and they can effectively control or extinguish flames before they engulf the surroundings.


With thousands of installations and successfully suppressing atleast one fire every month, our systems are proven and rugged. When everything is about to go up in smoke, we have your back.