WEFIRE®Protect Yourself From Kitchen Exhaust Hood Fire With WEFIRE®WEFIRE®

Kitchen exhaust hoods are a crucial component of commercial kitchens, ensuring the ventilation and removal of smoke, odour, and grease-laden air. However, these essential systems can also pose a significant fire hazard if not properly maintained.

Grease buildup is a natural consequence of cooking processes in commercial kitchens. Over time, grease particles accumulate on the interior surfaces of exhaust hoods, filters, and ductwork. When these deposits become thick enough, they can become an ignition source, sparking a fire that spreads rapidly through the ventilation system. The presence of open flames, high temperatures, and flammable vapors within the kitchen environment only heightens the potential for disaster. Such fires can quickly escalate, endangering kitchen staff, customers, and the entire building.

The accumulation of grease within kitchen exhaust hoods and ducts can lead to devastating fires, endangering lives, damaging property, and impacting businesses.

In the event of a kitchen exhaust hood fire outbreak, the best case scenario would be fire suppression as soon as it ignites. With the help of WEFIRE® Automatic Fire Suppression System, our system gets activated as soon as heat, flames or even smoke has been detected. The Fire Suppression System will subsequently release a suppression agent that extinguishes the fire.

Solution for your business

What can you expect

Kitchen hood become a fire hazard when:
Due to the occurrence of open flames, hot surfaces and uncleaned grease leftover
Irregular Cleaning: Routine cleaning and maintenance of exhaust hoods, filters, and ducts are crucial. Cleaning schedules should comply with industry standards and guidelines to prevent grease buildup.
Lack of Inspection: Engage certified professionals to inspect the exhaust system regularly. They can identify potential hazards and recommend necessary maintenance or repairs.

A kitchen exhaust fire can start at any time. The key is to be best prepared to deal with this situation and come out on top of it.

When you make the decision to onboard WEFIRE®’s Advanced fire suppression system for your business, here’s what we deliver:

Protection from unexpected fires inside your kitchen
Heat-detection technology that detects fires at the early stages before they spread
Activation triggers that discharges gases through nozzles that suppresses fires immediately
Activation triggers the discharge of gases through nozzles that suppress fires immediately
We use Bioversal® QF-R (Eco Foam Encapsulator) as the extinguishing agent which has unmatched fire knockdown capabilities, optimum burn back resistance

• Simultaneous action on temperature, fuel, oxygen, and chemical reaction
• Reduced toxic smoke through vapour encapsulation providing enhanced visibility and breathability
• Harmless to human skin and eyes