WEFIRE®Protecting your CNC Machines from fireWEFIRE®

CNC or Computer Numerical Control machines are crucial to the manufacturing industry. If you own a manufacturing business, you would probably agree that these machines are an integral part of the production process. They provide efficiency, pin-point accuracy and consistent output that you just cannot replicate with manual production methods.

The very nature of CNC’s, machining at high speeds creating friction and heat makes them susceptible to fires. Add to this, the cutting oil being used as a coolant with low flash points makes for a perfect recipe for imminent fire. All it usually takes is a small spark from the high friction to cause the entire machine to go up in flames.

And that’s where we come in. With WEFIRE® CNC Fire Suppression systems, you will never have to worry about your CNC machines catching on fire again.

Secure your CNC and EDM machines from unexpected fire outbreaks with WEFIRE® – the ultimate fire suppression solution designed for CNC fire suppression and EDM fire protection.

Solution for your business

What can you expect

Fires in CNC and EDM machines are caused by
Presence of Neat cutting oil with a flash point as low as 130ºC
Hazardous oil fumes within the grinding envelope
Potential ignition sources like tool crash, grinding spark, or hot flying metal chips

When you make the decision to onboard WEFIRE®’s Advanced CNC fire suppression for your business, here’s what we deliver:

Protection from unexpected fires on your CNC machinery
Heat-detection technology that detects fires at the early stages before they spread
Activation triggers that discharges gases through nozzles that suppresses fires immediately
Non-conducting, non-toxic, residue-free gas in the CNC machine preserving your machines