Protect your electrical panels withWEFIRE™ - the advanced fire suppression solution.Electrical Panel

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Electrical Panel_Causes 2

Fires in electrical panels are caused by

  • Wire fatigue
  • Improper installation
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Equipment failures
  • Poor maintenance

This results in business downtime, production loss, revenue loss, infrastructure damage, and even the loss of human life.

The solutionIntroducing the WEFIRE™ tube discharge system

WEFIRE™ Heat Detection Tube is routed in a zig-zag pattern inside the electrical panel throughout all the compartments. This tube is connected with the Tube Discharge System cylinder containing the extinguishing gas. A hooter is also provided to alert people post system activation.

WEFIRE™ recommends the use of following clean agent extinguishing gas for Electrical Panels:

  • 3M’s Novec 1230
  • FK-5-1-1-2 based extinguishing agent
  • FM200 or HFC

When a fire ignites, conventional portable extinguishers are inadequate as panel doors are typically closed, and the unsupervised nature of panel rooms leads to delayed alerts. Don’t risk it – reduce your insurance premium on capital goods with WEFIRE™.

The WEFIRE™ Heat Detection Tube, a linear pneumatic solution, senses fire heat in its early stages. When detected, it ruptures at the hottest point, releasing a clean agent gas that directly targets the fire without harming electronics. This gas is non-conductive, non-toxic, and leaves no residue.

WEFIRE™’s tube discharge system efficiently covers all compartments of the electrical panel in a zig-zag pattern. It is compatible with clean agent extinguishing gases like 3M’s Novec 1230 or FK-5-1-1-2, and FM200 or HFC. Stay protected and safeguard your valuable assets with WEFIRE™.
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